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Children represent the future of the world we live in. Each child represents a potential leader, scientist, artist, or other individual that could completely change the circumstances we all live in. Since I volunteered at a shelter for abused children, I have been determined to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for all children. Sadly, many children grow up in counterproductive and even dangerous circumstances. I would like to dedicate my time to ensuring children can have a new start and pursue their dreams. My goal is to obtain an advanced degree in Social Work so that I can provide the best care for children that need a positive place to grow into their uninhibited potential.

In the city where I worked, it was estimated that 30% of all children were growing up in abusive environments. Some were victims of physical assault and neglect, while others were subject to mental violence and constant putdowns. The shelter I volunteered at aimed at finding new homes for these children, and being responsible for them in the meantime. My role in the program involved tutoring the children in their school subjects and encouraging them to realize they were now somewhere safe. This experience gave me better understanding of the foster care system, and helped me gain familiarity with many of the regulations pertaining to the field.

As a social worker, I know there will be challenges, but I also believe that the sacrifices are more than justified. Each child that I can remove from a negative situation is one more child that can be free to choose their own path in life. My passion for helping and supporting those who cannot do it themselves has driven me towards social work my entire life. I believe further studies in the field of social worker will provide me invaluable skills that I can use to better the entire community I am a part of.

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