5 Ways to Reinvent Your Social Work Personal Statement for University

The Things to Get Through with Your Social Work Personal Statement Essay

So you have already written yurt personal statement, but you are not completely satisfied with it. I understand. I felt the same way with my personal statement for graduate school. Although my mater’s was in English Studies, you can still follow my same advice on how I altered my personal statement. After all, I was accepted to two ancient universities with it.

The tips to follow if you want to enhance your social work admissions essay:

social work personal statement for universityHow many people did you have read your personal statement? I had four friends and two colleagues read mine. They knew I was quite eager to attend graduate school and they felt honored that I asked them to proofread it and edit it for me. I choose friends who were intelligent and knew what I wanted to do with my life. They were able to see if my objectives were correct and honest, and also if I spoke enough about myself and my background. I was not a traditional student so I had to make sure I stood out from the crowd that much more. If you are not a traditional student, then be sure to make that part stand out as well. It will show you work harder and are more eager than other applicants.

social work personal statement for universityTake your friends advice and edit certain parts. You may want to include your work experience in high school to meet word count, but if it is not relevant, then do not include it. They will have other ideas you can include, or help lengthen other ideas. Either way, listen to your friends, they know best.

social work personal statement for universityListen to yourself. You know what you want, so go after it. You know your friends are right to leave out high school work experience, but if you do not agree with what you should add, show them what you should put instead. If you all agree, then you know you are on to something. People should be encouraging you, not discouraging. If they are being negative then thank them for their help, but do not ask for more.

social work personal statement for universityDid you ‘borrow’ someone else ideas? If so, remove them or somehow make them your own. Plagiarism is stealing, and you know that. Do not be foolish and risk all of your hard work on one silly personal statement paragraph. Universities have tools to see if you wrote your own thoughts or stole someone else’s. When you turn it in, most likely you are turning it in to one of those plagiarism tools. Do not risk it. Use your own ideas.

social work personal statement for universityI ended my personal statement with a quote from Anne Frank. It spoke to me and summed up what my social work personal statement was about. If there is someone that inspired you in the social work field whether it is a lecturer, your advisor or a client, be sure to include it. It is the most heartfelt piece of writing you can include in your personal statement.

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