Take Advantage of Social Work Personal Statement for Grad School – Read These 7 Tips

With the help of the internet, we are all able to research everything, even how to write the perfect personal statement for graduate school or personal statement for social work degree. If you want to take advantage of your resources, then pay attention to the following 7 tips. They will help you write the most satisfying personal statement for social work in graduate school. Best of luck.

The things that you need to implement in your social work personal statement for grad school:

social work personal statement for grad schoolQualifications. You need to make sure that you meet all qualifications prior to applying. If you fall short by a hundredth of a point in your GPA, then still apply, but if they are asking for a certain course that you did not take, it is best to take the course prior to applying. It is a prerequisite for a reason.

social work personal statement for grad schoolWrite the body first, then the introduction and conclusion last. This way you do not mention something in your introduction and leave it out of the body. It will sound more complete this way, and you know that you will have everything completed. Plus, I usually have a difficult time beginning an essay where I always leave the introduction last.

social work personal statement for grad schoolDo not omit important material. Include everything. Every internship and work experience, even future, should be included. If you volunteered at a shelter, or joined a club, put it in even if it is not relevant to social work. It shows that you are involved and well-rounded which admissions like to see.

social work personal statement for grad schoolCorrect length. If they give you a guide like 1500-2000 words, then keep it inside. If it is too short, then it looks as though you are not serious about your future, and if it is too long then you need to figure out what to omit and what to include.

social work personal statement for grad schoolWatch the tone. Do not use sarcasm as it is not read well, especially if they do not know you. Use a friendly, confident demeanour when writing. They need to know that you want this and that they should pick you over other applicants.

social work personal statement for grad schoolWrite about other interests. Your entire life is not about social work. What else do you enjoy? Did you write for your college newspaper, or join the photography club? If so include it. They are looking for well-rounded applicants, not just ones who eat, sleep, and breathe social work. Otherwise, you look quite boring.

social work personal statement for grad schoolProofread. Proofread. Proofread. Edit. Edit. Edit. Rewrite. You proofread it and have other friends and colleagues do it as well. Have them edit it and use their suggestions. This should be from people you know and feel comfortable reading your work. They also need to know your background and why you want to attend graduate school for social work.

Final advice regarding your personal statement for social work masters or for grad school – be sure to use original ideas and do not plagiarize. Your personal statement is supposed to be unique to you and help you stand out from the bunch.

Learn how to write the most satisfying social work personal statement!