Want to Have a More Appealing Social Work Personal Statement Essay? Read This!

The Things to Consider When Preparing Your Social Work Personal Statement Essay

We all want to write good social work personal statement. It has to be original and different from everyone else, and you need to set yourself apart somehow. If you follow my advice, your personal statement will be more appealing than the rest of the applicants.

social work personal statement essayWho are you? Answer this question first. It is all about the “who” in the first part. Introductions are everything in personal statements; after all, it is about you. Did you include as many titbits as possible, or did you omit something important? Did you tell them who you are? Are you a traditional student or are you a mature student looking to continue your education and improve job prospects? Be sure to include all of this. Answer the who.

social work personal statement essayWhat is your experience? Have you volunteered at a facility or did you work in the field previously? Be sure to put work experience and real life experience in here too. The more relatable it is, the better chance you will find an acceptance to the University of your Choice.

social work personal statement essayWhy are you choosing social work? Was it something that is a part of your past? Did you have a social worker that changed your life when you were younger? Perhaps one of your parents was in social work. Either way includes it. If it is personal to you then your personal statement will be easier for you to write and better for others to read.

social work personal statement essayDid you include any quotes? I ended my personal statement with a quote from Anne Frank about how she believes people are still good. Perhaps one of your clients or advisors or lecturers said something to you that changed the way you look at social work. Include it if possible. Perhaps it can be the title of your personal statement and you can write about that quote. If it is your main inspiration, then do not be afraid to say so. We all have a reason as to why we want to go into our field, and perhaps the quote is your main reason. All that matters is that you decided to go into the field, not whether or not it is serious or not. Being creative when coming up with your social work admissions essay is absolutely crucial.

social work personal statement essayDid you use your own ideas? If not, remove them. If you used your own ideas on every other essay, then why would you not on your personal statement? It is probably the most important essay of your life so far so make it unique to you and not unique to someone else.

social work personal statement essayBe sure to hand it in on time. If you are late, what does that say about you? Probably that you did not take the application seriously, and that you are not a serious student. Remember, to be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. And to be late is to be dead. Circle the due date and hand it in early.

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Strong social work personal statement essay is vital for your application!