Social Work Personal Statement

Why Do You Need an Excellent Social Work Personal Statement?

Your personal statement for social work is probably going to be one of the most important parts of your application. No matter what level you hope to study at you will find that much of the decision-making process revolves around your personal statement. The selection committee wants to know far more about you than what grades you achieved and your personal statement is the only opportunity that you have to tell them just how much you deserve that place. An excellently written social work expert personal statement that makes you memorable will help you to guarantee your place on your chosen course.

What should Your Personal Statement Social Work Cover?

Your social work expert personal statement needs to impress and this means ensuring that you cover everything that the readers will be looking for. Their expectations are actually very simple so you just need to ensure that you cover all of the following areas fully within your personal statement:

  • Explain why you want to study social work; how did your interest arise and how has it developed?
  • Demonstrate that Social Work and your studies are an important part of your future career plans
  • Use clear examples to show that you have the required skills and the determination to complete your studies
  • Carefully research the institution and course and detail why you really want to study there.

Writing Your Social Work Expert Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement is never going to be easy. You have to be able to write in an engaging manner that really hooks in the reader and gets them to see you as the perfect choice for a place. Your writing also has to be technically perfect or otherwise, you are likely to find those reading your statement will be critiquing it rather than actually reading it. This is why many students in your position will look for some professional advice and MSW personal statement samples available online. And all of it you will find on our website.

Useful social work personal statement writing tips and quality examples in one place!